Sunday, 20 April 2014

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Here a picture (more pictures here) of the quilt for Waidring, made by Volker from Berlin. He got the t-shirts from all over the world. The quilt will be raffled off via raffle tickets, that is, anyone can buy a lot for the price of 5 €. For this transfer, please send paypal 5 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , the lots are listed by input, in Waidring a number will be drawn. The proceeds will benefit the Björn Schulz Foundation.

Sightseeing tours bookable online

The sightseeing tours are now available to book online. In the description of each event you will find the appropriate link. You will find the eventlist here

Rent a car (special prices)

In cooperation and with the support of the police union (GDP) we could arrange special discounts by the company EUROPCAR exclusively for the Blue Knights. More information here!

Soccer World Cup 2014

During the Covention this year's football World Cup will take place. Right next to the "Schindeldorf", the central meeting place, we will have a tent where interested Blue Knights can watch the games.

The details will be announced later.

Rent a BMW

Supported by the BMW factory at Munich, we can offer you to rent a new BMW for a very special price. You can find further details by using this link!

This special offer will be finished at the 2014-03-31!

Which nations are represented ?

Registrations today16. April 2014)
England 57/1
unknown 57/2

Airport shuttle

As promised, we offer to our guests who are arriving by plane, a shuttle from Munich Airport to Waidring and back on. You can book it online here, or get in contact to

Anita Lohinger

Tourismusverband PillerseeTalDorfplatz 1, 6391 Fieberbrunn
Tel.: +43 (0) 5354 56304-30, Fax: +43 (0) 5354 56304-750

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Booking guided motorcycle tours

In the heart of the Alps, the highest mountains of Europe, and the beautiful streets in the middle of summer. Of course we will give you the opportunity, led by knowledgeable local tour guides to explore this wonderful region with the bike.

We will publish the tours here. Registrations will be available on-site.
We offer two guided tours each day by motorcycle. The tours are led by experienced Blue Knights. They know the roads very well and know what to look for. The tours are chosen so that each driver can safely participate, there will be faster and more challenging tours, but also comfortable tours with short distances.

Have a look at the event-list to find your tour.

How many visitors are expected ?

At the moment,  we have more than 1200 Registrations. Register today to not miss the world's largest Blue Knights event.


Sightseeing tours by Bus

We can offer you a lot of sightseeint-tours by bus. The tours are organized by the tourist-office, following this link , you can see, what they offer to us. Details about the booking procedual will follow soon.

Choose your own music

At saturday evening, at the convention-party, we will have the famous austrian band "EXIT207" for the live-music. A good party needs good music, and so, they offer us the possibillity to choose our own music for this event.

By using this link, you can vote for your music, the songs with the most ckicks will win.

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